Thursday 7th February

Yesterday I did the biggest shop of my life, which I majorly regretted on my 1 mile walk home up hill. But I made it back alive.

Today, Grandad and Lyn came to visit. While we were supposed to be making a day trip to Bath, we never actually left Bristol. I asked if we could run a few really quick errands before leaving – and they turned into full day events. I am so sorry Grandad and Lyn!!!!! Everything took 10 times longer than it should have. It was absolutely wonderful to spend the day with Grandad and Lyn though and we got very lucky with our food and coffee choices.

We walked all over Bristol and got to talk a lot – it was lovely and I miss them already. Thank you to Grandad and Lyn for my Bristol scarf and the money. And thank you very much to Craig and Nadia for my day-planner/weekly diary! It is exactly what I have been needing!!!

Now that I have grandad’s camera, below are some photos of my day and areas of Bristol…

SDC10359  —- had to have the classic English tourist shot!

SDC10361….Lyn and I at lunch.

SDC10363….Grandad making the most of the 2 for 1 burger deal when there are 3 people.

SDC10372….Grandad and Lyn at our second coffee shop of the day.

SDC10368…Grandad and I in my kitchen.

SDC10365…Had to get a shot in front of the university sign – even though it is rather small and pathetic though.



  1. Hi Jess – just read yesterday’s blog. We had a wonderful day with you and we are missing you too. You are looking so well. Attic cleaning again today – most of the things Grandad has brought down, I want to keep. This is not progress……

    Love you lots Jess. Grandad and Lyn xx

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